The George Washington School of Business’ 2013 Activities

Known for its international business programs, the George Washington School of Business (GWSB) aims to serve the world through business education. In line with this vision, the GWSB, in cooperation with its board of advisors, has planned various activities throughout 2013. Headed by Mitch Blaser, the GWSB board of advisors participated in the ground-breaking for the dedicated building for GWSB, Duques Hall. The University is also in the midst of constructing its most ambitious project: a new Science and Technology Hall that is expected to be completed in 2015.

Chairman Mitchell Blaser and the members of the board of advisors have also been involved in numerous events for students and alumni. The members of the board judged and hosted several student competitions and hosted seminars in which they gave career advice to current students. In addition, Mitch Blaser and the other members have helped the University reconnect with its alumni for future projects. Overall, GSWB has raised more money than any year in history for its year-end appeal, thanks to the help of alumni, parents, and other supporters.

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