The George Washington School of Business’ Lemonade Day

Mitchell Blaser, the cofounder part of the management team and chief operating officer of Ironshore, Inc., has more than 30 years of experience streamlining operations and maximizing returns for the insurance industry. Prior to beginning his career, he earned his bachelor and master of business administration from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Today, Mitch Blaser remains actively involved with his alma mater as the Chairman of the George Washington School of Business Board of Advisors.

The George Washington School of Business undertakes a number of initiatives to connect with and improve the greater Washington, DC, community. It recently implemented a new campaign, in partnership with Gallup, PNC Bank, and other supporters, to teach thousands of young entrepreneurs the basics of business development.

Known as Lemonade Day, this free experiential learning program allows young people throughout the Washington, DC, area to launch their own lemonade stands while learning how to operate a business. The event emphasizes responsible use of profits, from savings to reinvestment. In addition, it encourages children to donate a portion of their lemonade stand profits to local charities.

In 2013, the inaugural year for Lemonade Day, more than 2,500 young entrepreneurs benefited from the experience.

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