George Washington University School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board

A standout figure in the insurance industry, Mitch Blaser helped found Ironshore, Inc., a worldwide specialty casualty insurance company, in 2006. He serves today as the firm’s COO as well as the CEO of its Bermuda operations. Mitch Blaser earned his BBA from George Washington University in 1973, and he currently serves as the chair of the university’s School of Business Dean’s Board of Advisors.

George Washington University enlists the talent and creative energy of its alumni to develop programs and initiatives to better serve students and the national community. The Dean’s Board of Advisors consists of alumni, parents, and friends of the business school. The board meets every semester and sponsors several programs in the spring. Board Chair Mitchell Blaser points out that the board offers a real opportunity to give back to the school in terms of talent, ideas, and leadership. As chair, he has formed several board committees for development, human resources, and the school’s career center. In another critical initiative, he developed a mentorship program that matches second-year MBA students with board members.

Blaser’s leadership encourages board members to give the school the benefits of monetary donations (wealth) combined with access to their wisdom and work experience. His objective with this “Three Ws” and his overall businesslike approach to conducting the board’s business helps the school rise to the top of the nation’s B-schools.

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