Ironshore Pursues Syndicate Partners, Enters Yacht Insurance Business

An experienced financial executive, Mitch Blaser left his job at a global reinsurer firm in 2005 to found a start-up. Today that start-up, known as Ironshore, Inc., operates as a global leader in the specialty insurance sector and maintains 24 offices staffed by more than 500 employees and located across seven countries. Mitch Blaser currently serves as the chief operations officer of Ironshore. Based at Ironshore’s Bermuda headquarters, Mitchell Blaser works with a global executive team to establish syndicated partnerships with innovative business enterprises.

In 2009, Ironshore founded Iron-Starr Excess Agency, Ltd., a general insurance agency joint venture formed with the CV Starr Group of Companies. Today, Iron-Starr offers both financial lines and excess casualty insurance from its base of operations in Bermuda. Ironshore, which grew its premium at a rapid pace of about 20 percent in 2012, seeks to continue this momentum by partnering with other syndicated businesses and further diversifying its variety of specialty insurances.

In February 2014, Ironshore announced one of its newest ventures, a partnership that will provide insurance for high-end boats, yachts, and mega yachts. Based out of Ironshore’s new Tampa, Florida office, this unit will bolster the company’s Personal Lines business serving high-net-worth homeowners.

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