GW Business School Narrows in on New Dean

George Washington University (GWU) School of Business alum and Ironshore, Inc., co-founder and Chief Operations Officer Mitch Blaser helps prepare the next generation of business leaders as chair of the GWU Business School Board of Advisors. The recipient of an MBA in finance from Pace University as well, Mitch Blaser maintains a long history of involvement in his undergraduate alma mater. Mitchell Blaser, who also chairs GWU’s Dean’s Committee and Parent’s Council, works with other GWU leaders to implement fundraising strategies and ensure a globally leading academic environment.

Administrators at the GWU School of Business are narrowing down the candidate field for the school’s next dean after the firing of former dean Doug Guthrie last fall. Guthrie was released for failing to resolve a $13 million budget gap. GWU officials will invite finalist candidates to the school for on-campus interviews in March and April.

In January, the student newspaper The GW Hatchet reported that fundraising dropped by more than a third following Guthrie’s release. GWU officials reported that the drop was expected. The school currently has an interim dean. An analysis of past fundraising histories shows that the fundraising loss under temporary leadership is nothing new. GW Law School, currently headed by interim dean Gregory Maggs, has experienced a fundraising dip of 43 percent in recent months, even through Maggs has worked at GWU as a professor for more than two decades.

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