About Mitch Blaser

As Chief Operating Officer of Ironshore and CEO of the company’s Bermuda platform, Mitch Blaser applies extensive experience in corporate growth and financial leadership. For more than five years, he has led all operational functions with an eye toward maximizing resources while minimizing cost and risk. Also the former Chief Financial Officer for the company, Mitch Blaser has played a key role in ensuring its fiscal stability.

Mitch Blaser attended The George Washington University’s School of Business, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. He received his MBA at Pace University. He secured his first professional position at Marsh &McLennan, Inc., where he steadily advanced through increasing levels of responsibility. By the early 1980s, he had secured the position of Managing Director for Strategic Planning and Budgets. In this role, Mitchell Blaser led the newly established Strategic Planning Committee, through which he facilitated a comprehensive restructuring of the firm’s operations.

By 1990, Mitchell Blaser had risen to the role of Chief Financial Officer and Head of Technology. He ran all of Corporate Services through the 1990’s. He then became Executive Vice President of Strategic and Operational Planning, a role that once again incorporated his talent for identifying growth potential. In 2001, he left Marsh & McLennan to join reinsurance firm Swiss Re as its Chief Financial Officer of the Americas. In this position, he leveraged his experience in process redesign to optimize the firm’s actuarial, finance, and technical accounting processes as well as its comprehensive business structure. As a result, Mitchell Blaser’s division tripled its operational volume while reducing staffing costs.

In the new year of 2007, Mitch Blaser joined the newly formed Ironshore Inc. as a founding executive raising over $1 billion to launch this firm. Since that time, he has secured more than $500 million in equity and debt capital, built annual revenues approaching $2 billion, and established growth-oriented business strategies. Most recently, Mitchell Blaser secured a seven-year outsourcing deal for management of back- and middle-office operations, including claims processing, data analysis, and underwriting support. The end-to-end deal, established in partnership with process management firm Genpact, likely stands out as the first of its kind.