The George Washington School of Business’ Lemonade Day

Mitchell Blaser, the cofounder part of the management team and chief operating officer of Ironshore, Inc., has more than 30 years of experience streamlining operations and maximizing returns for the insurance industry. Prior to beginning his career, he earned his bachelor and master of business administration from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Today, Mitch Blaser remains actively involved with his alma mater as the Chairman of the George Washington School of Business Board of Advisors.

The George Washington School of Business undertakes a number of initiatives to connect with and improve the greater Washington, DC, community. It recently implemented a new campaign, in partnership with Gallup, PNC Bank, and other supporters, to teach thousands of young entrepreneurs the basics of business development.

Known as Lemonade Day, this free experiential learning program allows young people throughout the Washington, DC, area to launch their own lemonade stands while learning how to operate a business. The event emphasizes responsible use of profits, from savings to reinvestment. In addition, it encourages children to donate a portion of their lemonade stand profits to local charities.

In 2013, the inaugural year for Lemonade Day, more than 2,500 young entrepreneurs benefited from the experience.

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The George Washington School of Business’ 2013 Activities

Known for its international business programs, the George Washington School of Business (GWSB) aims to serve the world through business education. In line with this vision, the GWSB, in cooperation with its board of advisors, has planned various activities throughout 2013. Headed by Mitch Blaser, the GWSB board of advisors participated in the ground-breaking for the dedicated building for GWSB, Duques Hall. The University is also in the midst of constructing its most ambitious project: a new Science and Technology Hall that is expected to be completed in 2015.

Chairman Mitchell Blaser and the members of the board of advisors have also been involved in numerous events for students and alumni. The members of the board judged and hosted several student competitions and hosted seminars in which they gave career advice to current students. In addition, Mitch Blaser and the other members have helped the University reconnect with its alumni for future projects. Overall, GSWB has raised more money than any year in history for its year-end appeal, thanks to the help of alumni, parents, and other supporters.

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What is Reinsurance?

One of the founding executives of Bermuda-based Ironshore, Inc., Mitch Blaser serves the company as its chief operating officer (COO), a post he has held since 2007. Mr. Blaser also holds the position of CEO of the firm’s Bermuda subsidiary, which handles all Bermuda-oriented business as well as government and community relations. Prior to his involvement with Ironshore, Mitchell Blaser served as chief financial officer for the Americas division of Swiss Re, one of the world’s largest reinsurers.

Nearly all insurance companies engage in reinsurance, which is a risk mitigation practice. In its simplest form, it is the assumption of part or all of an insurance contract to a third party in exchange for a premium. There are two basic kinds of reinsurance contract, treaty and facultative.

Treaty reinsurance is an ongoing contract under which the reinsurance company covers a set amount of the insurance company’s liabilities. This might be all of a company’s policies of a particular type, such as whole life contracts or health insurance policies. Another type of treaty reinsurance involves the reinsurance company covering a portion of the insurance company’s obligations, either as a percentage or a set dollar amount.

Facultative reinsurance, on the other hand, transfers part or all of the liability of a single insurance contract from the insurance company to the reinsurance company. This type of reinsurance is much less common than treaty reinsurance, and generally happens only in the case of an extremely large policy. In some cases, an insurance company might sell a package of policies, such as to an employer, and have an entire segment reinsured. For instance, a company that deals primarily in life insurance may sell a package that includes health insurance, and reinsure the entire health policy to a company more expert at administering it.

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Mitch Blaser – George Washington University School of Business

Based in Bermuda, Mitch Blaser serves as chief operating officer of Ironshore, Inc., and as chief executive officer of two of its subsidiaries. Supplementing these positions, Mitchell Blaser sits on the Board of Advisors for the George Washington University School of Business.

Located in Washington, DC, the George Washington University School of Business has educated students since 1928. Ranked as one of the best business programs in the country, this institution offers several master’s of business administration, doctors of philosophy, and specialized master’s degrees. Its classes, which also accept undergraduates, range from accountancy and finance to marketing and tourism.

In May 2013, the George Washington University School of Business obtained headlines for altering its undergraduate finance program. Starting in fall 2013, the school will require students seeking a bachelor of science in finance to take a second major outside of the business school. The change reflects shifting necessities of the business community and the importance of having a multidisciplinary understanding of the world. By learning about liberal arts or science, students will garner a greater appreciation of the factors that affect business and use that in their careers.

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Mitch Blaser – Advisor to the GW University School of Business

Since 2007, Mitch Blaser has been the chief executive of Ironshore in Hamilton, Bermuda, a property-casualty specialty insurance company with branch offices in the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland Singapore, Canada and Australia. Prior to starting his career over 35 years ago, Mitchell Blaser earned a degree in business administration at George Washington University in Washington DC, where he now serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the School of Business and chairman of the Dean’s Executive Committee as well as the Parent’s Council.

The George Washington University (GWU) School of Business was established in 1928 and has since become one of the top undergraduate and graduate business schools in the United States for interdisciplinary degree programs combining business management, politics, and international relations. Located in Foggy Bottom, within view of the State Department and the White House, the GWU School of Business hosts a faculty of 190 instructors who train students to become the next generation of global problem solvers and socially-responsible managers at non-profit organizations, development banks, government agencies, and multinational corporations.

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Mitch Blaser: Fortune Global Forum and George Washington University

As a member of the Board of Advisors of the George Washington University School of Business, Mitchell Blaser is delighted with the university’s recent announcement of its upcoming partnership with the 2013 Fortune Global Forum. A business leader through his activities as chief operating officer of Ironshore, Inc., Mitch Blaser applauds this new union of business and higher education.

Fortune magazine is a major figure in the field of business journalism, with franchises such as the well-known Fortune 500 and a readership of close to five million. In 1995, Fortune instituted its Global Forum, an annual conference that brings together international CEOs, presidents, and other key global business players to discuss and debate contemporary political, social, and economic issues. Taking place in June, the 2013 forum will be held in Chengdu, China, and will consider the question of new trends and the economic future of China with the participation of the heads of some of China’s most important companies. George Washington University was chosen as the forum’s inaugural Education Partner this year, due in part to its significant activities in China, including many relationships with Chinese universities.

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